Deanna helped me take the steps I needed to take to radically transform my life. Within nine months, I was able to take a risk and move across the country to our nation’s capital to start a brand-new career doing interesting and meaningful work.
— Ana Cosma / Web & Social Media Editor, Freedom House / Washington, D.C.
Deanna helped me make take my life in a different direction. She helped me make changes in my life that reflected who I was as a person and who I wanted to become. With her support, I was really able to accelerate accomplishing my goals in a short period of time…I quit my job, moved across the country, and got married.
— April King / Wellness Coach / Tucson, Arizona
Deanna has helped me transform my life into a “life by design” – a life of purpose and intention!

I am a coach, and in fact, Deanna and I are alike in our coaching styles. Despite this, Deanna is always able to help me overcome or clarify some limiting beliefs, or self-created barriers. Even the best coaches can develop those beliefs, and Deanna helps bring me to center and stand in my innate power.

Deanna is truly a service-oriented coach. My father and grandfather recently passed within a month of each other, and Deanna reached out to support me, outside of our scheduled engagements, to ensure that I was doing okay. She helped me ground my thoughts and emotions around “gratitude” which helped me more effectively acknowledge the other emotions in a healthy way.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, and can sometimes get stuck in waiting for the perfect “thing” to get into action. As a recovering perfectionist herself, she has helped me get in action despite the stories I tell myself. She’s helped me clarify things in business, in relationships, and in my self. She is not only a powerful coach, but she is a wonderful person. She makes me laugh and smile every time we talk.

If you’re seeking change in an area of your life, or maybe even just need clarity in some areas, call Deanna! She is among the best!
— Derek Ketelsen / The High Achiever’s Coach / Washington, D.C.
Remember how protective I felt about my life that I cherish and love so much? I’m not worried anymore :) Even though I’m working with 8 clients and an e-book, plus 2 new conversations are scheduled for next week, I have time for taking care of myself and my family and enjoy all the things I love in life. I have managed to set up my working life in a way that suits our lifestyle perfectly. Just as in the exercise you gave us all where we were to design our ideal scenes, working hours and clients. Not only do I work only an average 4 hours a day, 4-5 day a week, I have the most amazing and inspiring people to work with. My clients have the exact qualities I wrote down in my notepad I wished they’d have.

What Deanna does to inspire people is purely magical and on top of that she reminds us that we are capable of doing the same as well, to create and live the life we’ve dreamt for ourselves while serving and helping others to fulfill their own potential. Thank you ♥
— Vera Szutorisz / Hungarian Holistic Health & Life Coach at Apple and Soul / Muscat, Oman
My work with Deanna spans over nearly six years time… and in these six years my life has been turned upside down for the better. I still have plenty of work to do, but oh, how far I have come. I think our meeting was nothing short of serendipitous. I do not believe in coincidences or chance meetings. I was meant to work with Deanna. I thank God for that. The best investments I have ever made in my life thus far have been travel, my education, self-care and Deanna. It is that easy for me. Our work together has been priceless to me. For many years, I saw a therapist who, God love her, did nothing significant for me in regards to growing as an individual. I didn’t really learn anything or feel any differently in all our years of working together. And then I began my coaching journey with Deanna and everything changed.

I realize Deanna is not a therapist and I am not meaning to compare her to one, but in a way, her coaching eliminated my need to see one. Her no nonsense, straight- forward, grab life by the horns and, in my opinion, “grow some balls” approach to kicking ass at life really clicked for me, and still does after all these years. I would recommend any program, course, or coaching investment that Deanna has to offer to anyone everywhere. Period.
— Amie Davis / Health and Wellness Coach, TV Journalist, and Owner of The Inner Channel Health Coaching / Torrance, CA Instagram: @theinnerchannel
Deanna is simply amazing. When younger, I was assaulted and taken advantage of physically and mentally by two different men. I had attended therapy once before, but I can honestly say Deanna’s coaching is what helped jump-start me on my personal goals and successes today. Two of the things I love about Deanna’s coaching are the way she non-judgmentally listens to your full story, and the way she helps aid you in carrying out personal goals. I was able to tackle a wide range of areas that needed to be discussed, and Deanna was able to help me with each one. She single handedly gave me the encouragement to carry on and work hard in order to give my younger self the closure and happiness she needed. She was always there for me when others were not, and that meant the world. Every time I finished a session, I felt empowered, something I had never experienced before. It was an incredible feeling, and I wish everyone could go to Deanna and feel what she has given me.
— Anonymous / Nurse / Los Angeles, California
I have been a benefactor of Deanna’s coaching for years. She has a gift & talent for guiding me and prodding me to take advantage of the opportunities around me. After our first few coaching sessions, I noticed a shift in my daily attitude. Each little frustration that used to wear me down is now more easily overcome. Deanna is an intuitive listener through which she helps me focus on my extrinsic and self-inflicted barriers. Her coaching helps me enjoy everyday life, define/meet my personal needs and give back to others through my abundance. I am blessed to work with Deanna and am grateful to be sharing her talents with some of my family and friends now, too. I know that anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Deanna will grow to achieve their goals.
— Laura Konz / Owner of Get What Feels Good Pilates / Los Angeles, California
I had a positive experience with Coach Deanna. She has an astute ability to listen and hear what her clients are expressing. Assessing one’s persona type, background and experiences, she suggests targeted solutions for her clients to practice and exercise to achieve the goals. Throughout the journey, she is aware of the key areas one is trying to improve upon. Further, she provides a passionate support which makes one believe they are already living their end goal. Through the services, she provided audio clips, quotes and books that were helpful complements to the phone sessions. Lastly, this is done all with an upbeat energy while staying on track and delivering a professional service. Her coaching, tips and suggestions are ones that I still draw from and exercise in my life today. As a result, I have and continue to become my best self.
— Anonymous / CEO / Manhattan Beach, CA
Over the 2 years of working with Deanna, I feel that I’ve developed greater awareness in many areas of my life. To get the most out of my sessions, I instinctually brought up all of the areas of my life that weren’t working as well as I’d like them to. After explaining my “story,” I came to see time and time again that it wasn’t the situation that was the problem, but rather how I was relating to it. Too often I’d play the “victim” card, justifying my lack of success in certain areas of my life to the fault of external situations. But session after session, I learned positive coping mechanisms such as “The universe is giving me this situation to teach me a lesson; what’s the lesson here?” or when it came time to act “high involvement, low attachment.” Ultimately, having greater awareness has helped me make better choices in life, reduced the stress that I experience, and given me much needed maturity.
— Rory Samet / Los Angeles, California
When I first came to Deanna, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I carried with me a tremendous amount of pain and guilt that I just could not handle anymore. In one session she spoke right through to my soul and helped me see life in a completely different way. She alleviated my negative thoughts, she taught me how to be alive and appreciate every blessing I have, and she showed me how to love myself - which is the most important thing in the world...because if you cannot love yourself you cannot truly love. I have felt “lighter” ever since starting my sessions with her. Deanna will inspire you with her wisdom, compassion and strength. I see beauty and happiness everyday because of Deanna and I am eternally grateful for her and her work.
— Alexandra Shuck / Marketing / Los Angeles, California
Deanna has been an inspiration for me to get in touch with my joy and bring it to my work.
— Heather Daly, Ph.D. / President and Founder of Courageous Hearts Youth Services, Inc. / Los Angeles, California
I worked with Deanna about 3 years ago and I still hear her voice in my head. At that time, I was chronically ill and transitioning out of a 10-year career in academic admissions. I knew I needed to work from home, but I had no clue what to pursue. She asked me about my passions and I told her they were kids and health. She encouraged me to look into jobs with kids and health that I could pursue from home. While completing that homework assignment, I found the Health Coach Training Program at IIN. It has forever changed my life. It is my purpose and Deanna guided me to follow my heart’s passion.
— Liz Love / Speaker, Author, Educator / Tampa, Florida
Most of the time I tell friends that working with Deanna was/is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. She’s helped me look at life differently, be more aware of the things I am doing/saying and most importantly, be nicer to myself. Working with Deanna is nothing like seeing a therapist and it isn’t like sitting with a ‘freakishly’ spiritual person that just says a bunch of airy crap that means nothing and isn’t actionable. She is real, normal and shares personal experiences that relate to me - which I like and makes me feel like I’m not alone. I love her check-ins and inspirational texts and emails; sometimes you just need a little extra love and inspiration. Because of Deanna I am much more aware of my surroundings, my mood, my thoughts, my behavior, my feelings and she has helped me find tools and solutions to work through the discomfort I experience in each of them.
— Cambria Guernsey / Senior Brand Manager / Manhattan Beach, California
On the days I have a session with Deanna I am thrilled with anticipation to get home for our session. Through our work, Deanna has helped me to begin aligning with my true self and it is very exciting. When we end a session I feel energized, excited, motivated and centered and ready to take on anything. She has helped me to greatly improve my life and I look forward to working with her for years to come.
— Andrea Surface / Health and Fitness Coach / Richmond, Virginia
Working with Deanna has helped me to recognize my own strengths, to value myself and to help me discover who I am and what I want for my life.
— Phil Hurrle / Insurance Broker / Los Angeles, California
The work I did with Deanna was transformational. I felt as if over the past year I managed to gently remove everything that has been stopping me from being the best of myself since I was a mid to late teenager. Working with Deanna helped me take stock of areas of my life that had become stuck and reconnect to what got me excited and made me feel alive again. Our work was fun and enjoyable; I looked forward to our sessions each week because I was excited about what was next. Deanna always had a way of surprising me.
— Anonymous / Government Policy Advisor / London, England
Truth: Deanna saved my life. She introduced to me what self-love means and how to practice it. I’m no longer self-loathing, depressed, or filling my voids with work and justifying it. I refer back to keywords I’ve picked up from her like “deflect,” which works like magic to avoid taking on emotional stress. Meeting, working, and crying with Deanna were the most therapeutic and life changing, healing moments in my life. Less stress, more love, happier. I never would’ve imagined this for myself. Thank you, Deanna.
— Janice Paik / Business Owner, Entrepreneur / Seoul, South Korea @tanresortkorea @co.op201
My work with Deanna has been transformative, but not something you can necessarily visualize or quantify or even represent in a #TransformationTuesday instagram post. I don’t know that I LOOK any different on the outside, but I know for sure I am different on the inside, and perhaps the way I carry myself through life looks a little different to the outside observer now than compared to before my work with Deanna.

Nothing much in my life has changed. I’m still married to the same person. I still have the same mushy dog. I live in the same apartment. I drive the same car. I work for the same big corporate company. But my perspective has changed. So, while nothing has changed, everything has changed and if you’ve ever experienced anything like that before, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, I hope someday you can experience the joy that comes with that shift.
— Kate Richlin-Zack / Pharmaceutical Industry Professional / New Brunswick, New Jersey
I was connected with Deanna through a friend who had worked with her a few years prior. My friend had spoken very highly of her experience and suggested I reach out. I had reached a point in my life where my current job was no longer satisfying, my desire to make a change was very strong, but I was feeling a bit rudderless. I emailed Deanna to get some information about what coaching was exactly. We set up a call, during which she invited me into a coaching conversation. In this singular conversation with Deanna my world began to change, and to change quickly!

She accompanied me on the deep dives I needed to take in order to connect with myself in a much more powerful way. These sessions were fun, sometimes daunting, but always, always productive. When friends and colleagues would ask what working with Deanna was like, I would often reach back to a single description: Deanna is as though a cheerleader and a Marine Corps officer had a baby— she will kick your ass, but cheer you on the entire time! Within a month of beginning work with Deanna I quit the job that had been dragging me down for years, found a new job that resulted in a $10,000 pay increase, and made the decision to let go of a relationship that was not serving my highest good.

I was in the tail-end of my pursuit of a degree in psychology and neuroscience, through all of which the intended goal was to create a career where I could help people in an impactful way. After seeing the deep changes Deanna helped facilitate in me, I decided I wanted her to teach me how to do this work for other people. As we dropped into the professional education portion of the Danski Coaching Academy, my personal work grew by leaps and bounds. By the end of my work with Deanna I was able to create my own successful coaching business. I now work as an Empowerment Coach, assisting women on their journeys to claim their most powerful selves.

I had the incredible luck to find a coach who opened up a world of possibilities for me. I discovered a faith in myself that I didn’t know was possible, all because of Deanna’s guidance and support. Her clear, professional and intuitive way of connecting allowed me to experience a transformation in my personal, professional, emotional and spiritual self. I would recommend Deanna to anyone who knows that their best life is waiting for them just around the corner— The Danski Coaching Academy is basically GPS for how to find it!
— Heather Hogan / Empowerment Coach / Brooklyn, New York