Coaches take you from "good" to "great"

Sports coaches aren't much different from life coaches in that the great ones coach the player, not the game. And they take a good player to a deeper level in order to become a great player.

That's what kind of coach Phil Jackson was. 

In watching Kobe: The Interview, Kobe shares how Phil impacted him. 

Ahmad Rashad: Tell me how important Phil Jackson was for the evolution of coaching. 
Kobe: When he came here everything changed for me and how I viewed the game. To that point I had thought about the game from a tactical perspective: executing, fundamentals and training. Surface things. 
I learned the spirituality of the game, the mindfulness that comes with the game. Understanding how to put yourself aside and how to quiet your ego and play effortless basketball. That approach from the game, I felt, really separated me from the pack.

Rashad: When you talk about your sense of purpose in basketball, did some of that come from Phil Jackson?

Kobe: Sense of purpose? No. Sense of purpose was there ever since I was a kid. I knew exactly what God put me on this earth to do - it was to play basketball. 
I think what Phil did was, Phil piqued my interest saying maybe there's a deeper level to this. Maybe there's something more, something greater to this game. --

The great players are the ones always working toward setting more, something greater. 

Get a coach. Go from "good" to "great." 

Deanna Danski